About TurkeyWorld Video


TurkeyWorld.tv is the media wing of Aegean Tour Travel. Aegean a fully registered travel agency based in the Turkish resort city of Bodrum.

There is nothing so compelling or more instantly understandable than the universal language of visual images. Moving pictures transcend all language barriers, so with the rapidly improving data transfer rates now available to almost everyone on the Internet, video is a natural progression for our Internet based information services.

Our information videos are complimentary to the detailed information we have always provided for our clients to assist with the travel and accommodation arrangements made through us.

During the coming months we will be adding information videos for all our tourism services in both Turkey and greece which will include check-in procedures, port locations and airport information.

In addition we will publish videos of actual excursions that we hope will be entertaining as well as familiarizing people with the main attractions in Turkey and Greece.

Finally, we would appreciate your help, if you have any photos or video of your visit to Turkey [un-edited footage is preferred] then please send it to us. Any media that is used will be credited to you and you will retain the copyright. Please send only your own media, do not send anyone else's copyrighted material.


Bodrum Castle

A visit to Bodrum's Castle of St Peter is a must-see in Bodrum, many visitors are surprised to find such an interesting blend of ancient and modern behind its imposing stone walls.

Bodrum Castle adds a measure of somber sophistication to an otherwise busy, cosmopolitan and vibrant city.

Excursions in Bodrum

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