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Aegean Tour Travel was one of the first Internet based travel agencies in Turkey, established when the only internet access was via a dial-up modem and uploading a website from Turkey to a hosting company in the USA could only be done between the hours 04:00 to 08:00.

In those days the possibility of being able to include video on our website was just a dream, even 'text only' pages had to be written frugally to ensure the fastest possible upload time.

Though moving pictures have been around for over a hundred years now, video on the Internet has only recently 'come of age' with reasonably quick broadband being available in most developed countries.

We launched our 'video only' Web-Channel at the beginning of 2011 and now have a healthily growing stock of tourism information videos.

Our videos are intended to entertain, provide information about tourism services in Turkey and Greece and to be complimentary to the standard written information we provide for all our clients. We will be adding videos about Turkish cities, transport services such as ferries and flights, famous historical sites and other places of interest.

Our 'video only' website is complimentary to our Turkey/Greece tourism websites:

It's our hope that the website will also be supported by videos and photos provided by our clients or indeed anyone who has media about tourism in Turkey that may be of interest.

So if you want to see your name scrolling up with the 'end-credits', send us some video clips or photos of your holiday. For details of how to send them to us, contact us using the form HERE


Our Aegean Tour Travel 'Sunday Club' is primarily for residents in Turkey, but it's also open to anyone wishing to join us, tourists and holidaymakers alike. Our main aim is to open up travel opportunities to places in Turkey and Greece for Turkish nationals as well as foreigners living and working in Turkey.

If we receive enough support for a project we can make exclusive arrangements with transport companies, hotels and restaurants, group discounts will be reflected in the excursion price. We welcome suggestions for excursions so please feel free to contact us with a very brief outline of your proposal:

  • Use the form HERE to sign up for email alerts of upcoming trips.

If you are interested in joining any of our Sunday Club excursions please let us know, if there is sufficient interest in a proposal we will add it to our program.


Now it's time to visit Turkey.

  • If you're coming by plane we can help, visit aegean flight services
  • By sea we can advise you about the best ferry routes and we can book multiple ferries from anywhere to anywhere in Europe.
  • In fact, for all tourism services in Turkey from Istanbul to Antalya and from Bodrum to Lake Van, visit our main website.
  • DESTINATION BODRUM Bodrum's relatively recent rapid expansion has seen an influx of international standard CONFERENCE READY hotels equipped with state-of-the-art AV and presentation equipment. So what does Bodrum have to offer in the MICE arena and to Corporate Event Organizers that does not exist anywhere else? Well, Bodrum of course. Aegean Destination Management, we're already here for you. It's what Destination Management is all about.
We've acquired our own hotel in downtown Bodrum, close to the Marina, Shopping Mall and many Restaurants and Bars.
We're right in the heart of where the action is in Bodrum, both in the Summer and in the Winter. Our location is just one block back from main street so it's quiet, especially since we're also a 'no-kids' 16+ hotel. Check availability:

 book it



The music and sound effects used in our videos is usually sourced from Internet sites that offer royalty free music. Where appropriate, credit is given to the composer/artist in the video end credits. 

If you like any of the music used on our videos, you can download the full un-edited tracks FREE from our website HERE


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